Saturday, December 30, 2006


The topic of who helps who keeps developing at Anonymous Female Artist, a blog I am quite addicted to. Not a lot of people are willing to tell her fairly common story, and I relate to a lot of the banter there.

I’m still trying to figure out if giving (or ‘mentoring’, as they call it) really is a circular affair, coming back as you send out. Sitting around complaining about nothing happening just does not work, this I found out, and helping eases the anxiety of waiting for verdicts for your own stuff.

We do more for others in Portland (than in NYC) because we can. It is easier to get ahold of some real estate, or make a paper, or even get on the radio. I couldn’t believe how accessible KPSU was actually.

Sure, I had to learn the board and do the volunteer hours and all of that, but work is the easy part. With breaks, I could keep it up.

The best thing about setting up your own shop of giving is that you can still change the rules at any time. The platform is up to you. I wish more people would do it.

The thread on Edna’s site often referred to how artists who are women do not help each other but as I look at my own plans, I can say that isn’t true. I have two shows planned for 2007 and both are being curated by women. Jenny Strayer is curating a group montage show at Guestroom called Paper Chase later this year and then in May, Roberta Lavadour is arranging a painting show for me at the Pendleton Arts Center. Thanks a lot.


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