Friday, January 12, 2007

Anarchism in America (part one)

Awhile back I viewed a copy of Anarchism in America, a film made in part during the Anarchist Symposium here in January of 1980 at Lewis and Clark College, organized by Pietro Ferrua. Of course I was looking for myself and also the people I met then.

I just had to be alone during this viewing, as I expected to cringe and wince over whatever stupid things I might have said 27 years ago, and however I might have looked. But no surprises really. I'm just at some party scene talking about Hannah Hoch and Man Ray and who I think must be Ken Butler to someone… talkin' about art. Not much has changed (save the styling!).

The only other person I recognized was Leigh Clark-Granville, a hot actress here in Portland back then. She was beautiful and really creative. Years later I saw her in NYC, at Don't Tell Mama, a well-known cabaret spot, not doing as well (and neither was I). Then I ran across her back here sometime in the 90s - she was sounding a little on the edge of something, but then again, so was I. I wonder where she is now.

The above pic is a cryptic clip of the Kinetics, one of the bands I was in, when we played at that Anarchist Symposium. I understand that videos exist from this event and not just that gig. There were loads of panels and presentations – I even did one on anarchism in art history, leading right up to the present with slides of mail artists and the art of punker friends, including my own work.

More later.


nod said...

was looking at a film loop last night that I showed at one of your parties in San Francisco.. a few years after this show.. so nice to see you are still having fun... such a long time since I was a happy 12 Year Old at the Club Foot... Eva... it seems our creations change... but our directions seem consistent....
as ever... love

LuRain said...

I guess the times have caught up with all of us. I all over the virtual thing. I adore the modern technology - allowing me to pontificate in my slip and slippers to the whole world!
Come visit,
We still alive!
Thanks for remembering us,
LuRain and the lady she lives with