Saturday, January 6, 2007

art to go

Regina Hackett makes a great blog. She is even using the letters from people who defend artists she was not thrilled with. I like the turn of events here because she can take the fallout and hit it back with a reasonable vigor.

She defends her view and her right to write it without the big yet unqualified agendas in tow. Mind, I don’t live in Seattle and could certainly be wrong, but I do know that much of the writing going on in Portland has conditions attached. Maybe Ms. Hackett has a ton of conditions too, but within her blog she has already set up a place to openly define what they are.

As regards agendas, I read in simpleposie once how at least we had something to react against. This writer implied that his town was so sleepy, there wasn’t even an antagonistic force to deal with.

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