Wednesday, January 3, 2007

collection (Baby Smith)

Like most artists, I am also a small time collector, just by virtue of who I know (or correspond with, as was the case with mail art). Most of the works have been given to me.

As I have a lot of works on paper, much of the collection stays in portfolios. It’s occurred to me that I could at least share some of them here and give them a life that way. I’ve got stuff dating from the mid-70s.

This piece is by Baby Smith who also has a show up right now at Chambers. I am not sure what a 'Heap' is, as I forgot to ask her that during the interview on KPSU. But I do know that everything is from The Fat of the Land, all from what she can pick up off the streets of LA. The pieces are box-like and feel like painting as much as they do collage.

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