Friday, January 26, 2007

collection (Bernd Naber)

I was introduced to Bernd Naber sometime in 1988 by a man who worked for Turske and Turske in Zurich. Bernd seemed like the epitome of a German artist – cool and eccentric and not too much of a mensch.

He was nice and we met on several occasions. I made a whole series of photographs which vaguely document his installation which Roberta Smith reviewed in ’89.

We have some art interests in common. I especially loved his ragged squares that he made and he was kind enough to give me one. Bernd is also known for the monochrome.


Richard said...

Great pic of him in the sunglasses!

Richard said...

Also I like the fact that you say he's "not too much of a mensch" but is "cool and eccentric." Artists should be at least a little bit cool and eccentric. Leave it to other professions to be mensches.