Sunday, January 7, 2007

collection (Dee Reich)

One summer Lauren Mantecon had a garden party. This was when I first started Artstar Radio, so it must have been 2002. I decided to bring along a tape recorder and ask people various reporter-on-the-street questions about the local art scene and make a program out of it.

Inside the house was a coffeenook where a lone silent woman sat. Eventually I joined her and asked for her views. She was dark and mysterious. And what she said, whatever that was, was very thoughtful. When she told me that she was an artist, I said send me your work, just based on the initial persona of this woman.

It took months to hear back from Dee Reich, who sent me xeroxes of the work. So much for presentation, eh? When you like it, you like it, and maybe she sent xeroxes to the one person who would enjoy receiving a bunch of them and doesn’t have to have slides or CDs or grand portfolios. She had a successful show at Lovelake.

Dee does men in ties. Occasionally she will do a woman, but mostly it is men who look like they came from the Weimar Republic. Some of the works are monoprints (like the one above) and some are made on cement, like the piece below.


DD said...

I am a friend of Dee's and have been trying to find her for years. We went to Marylhurst together. Any idea where she might be?

Eva said...

Others have contacted me before about this. I'm afraid I no longer have a phone number and I never did have her email...