Monday, January 1, 2007

exile in 2007

While the interviews at Artstar may be on hiatus, radio goes on. I will still go in to play music today. I was just thinking yesterday that I might play a whole LP when I read in the New York Times how Lou Reed played the entire Berlin Album for the first time not long ago at St. Ann's.

God, would that have been a show to see. That happens to be the only album I have played all the way through on the radio, since it is such a piece of art, such a complete statement.

Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones is another collection that for me holds together as one. Of course it marks a time and place in my life – it’s when I first started doing drugs and sex. Yet I was still a really silly teenager who made tapes with my girlfriend in which she pretended she was Carly Simon and I pretended I was Bianca. I wish I still had those tapes!

I also wish I still had all of the postcards which came with the album. I studied them for ages, had them all on my refridgerator and then sent them to lucky people. The design of the entire album, with the photography by Robert Frank, is one of the best.

It is so legendary that a new book by Robert Greenfield is out which does nothing but detail the riotous making of it. I hear it’s some good reading. I’ll bring in 2007 with Exile.


Anonymous said...

One of the photos, 2nd row, 4th from the right is a Diane Arbus photograph from an Esquire article called 'The Vertical Journey, six movements of a moment within the heart of the city'. It is a photo of Hezekiah Trambles, aka the Jungle Creep who performed at Huberts Museum 42nd & Broadway, Times Square.

Eva Lake said...

I researched to find out exactly who designed this album cover, and all I could find was that Robert Frank got the credit. It did seem to me that he could not have taken all of the photos, and thanks for the info.

C said...

Lou's St. Ann show is available for download at

C said...

Blogger sucks.

See instead for the St Ann's show.


Eva, this new website is really great! I just had to write in, Exile is also one of my husband's favorite albums. Your note about the postcards reminded me of him buying a replacement vinyl for Sticky Fingers this summer (his version from teenager hood has a broken zipper) and when he opened it up, it had all the original ephemera- funny inserts. You just don't get that in a CD. God bless vinyl.