Sunday, January 28, 2007

more photos from that time

Researching Bernd Naber took me to life in New York for me at that time, and how close I came to exploring what really interested me (the cross, the square) and how I was shot down by Frank O’Cain, one of my teachers at the Art Students League. So there I am, meeting Bernd, who is really on a similar track. Except I don’t know it yet. And neither does anyone else.

While looking through that dark roll of film, I also found portraits of other individuals I knew at that time, mostly hanging on to the dying lifetstyle of the East Village Artist. Recently Portland Public Art wrote about Matthew Courtney, pictured above. He was a charming man, elegant and smart and a PDX ex-pat. He was also the MC of Sunday open mike poetry readings at ABC NoRio, which is where I met him. Rio was a cold and wrecked sort of place but we had a lot of fun there.

There were also some pics of artists from CoLab, who I was showing with here and there. Above you see Stefan Eins, who founded Fashion Moda in the Bronx. He made very simple paintings in a sort of spiritual, childish scrawl. He also created installations and gave countless artists all kinds of opportunities. This photo above was from a show we were in at the Police Building on Centre Street, which had just been turned into fancy condos for the likes of Christy Turlington and other supermodels. Still, this building had this old prison in the basement, and that was where we showed. I still have that show on my bio: “The Prison Show.”

In this roll were also people I can’t even remember, which is sad because sometimes they are standing next to some cool artworks. But Monty Cantsin, pictured above, is someone I remember quite well. I could do more than one post on him, as he has consistently delivered weird art in the 27 years I have known him, most of it in the name of Neoism. He came into PDX around 1980 and I met him through Mike Lastra.

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