Saturday, January 13, 2007

(part two)

It was this slide presentation which became the fateful event. A woman came up to me afterwards and said: “I like your work. I’m from San Francisco. Would you like to have a show there?” And she helped me get my first one person exhibition at the Goodman Building. I ended up knowing Jean Pauline (of Modern Times Bookstore) for years, as I did a lot of people I met at that Anarchist Symposium.

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun at a show as that first one: new in town, no expectations and the only people I knew there were avant-garde artists, musicians, writers like Vale of Search and Destroy (and later, Research). I don’t even remember putting any kind of tags or prices on my work, but that opening was full of a certain kind of luminary.

And since I knew so few, I blanketed the city with a special kind of propaganda, diazo prints made by Thor Lindsay, a remarkable ultramarine blue and white (now faded). One day I left my staple-gun on a city bus after telling a man about the show. He was the first one to step into opening night, returning the staple-gun which I still have today.

The show was called Photomontage Etc because like many first exhibitions, it was a mixed bag. The only documentation I have of it is this picture, shot before my group of transparencies, which once functioned like a constructivist stained glass at Northwest Artists Workshop. In a Rudi Gernreich dress, I stand with the wonderful Bill Gaglione, who created VILE with Anna Banana, was a performance and mail artist extraordinaire and also had a rubber stamp business.

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