Monday, January 29, 2007

Phil Bard

Today Phil Bard is joining me on the radio. I heard his name for quite awhile before I ever met him – namely as person who helped people realize their dreams and facilitate their projects. This kind of person interests me. Sure, he usually gets paid for it, but from what I understand he goes way beyond the call of duty. I found too, upon meeting him, that we was an excellent communicator.

He helped Amy Archer make the transition from c-prints to the digital format, so she could go bigger and cleaner too. Phil also aided a maestro like Terry Toedtemeier into the digital format. And every Jim Riswold exhibition at Augen Gallery has benefited from a Phil Bard printing.

Of course someone this sensitive to the needs of an artist is also an artist. He works with large format cameras and place. The photograph above is from his gas station series.

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harold hollingsworth said...

Bridges are the most important element on keeping a road going, nice to highlight one!