Monday, February 26, 2007

5th and 57th

A website I appreciate very much is the Sartorialist, featuring pics of style from the street. This site has one section of short videos in which people are interviewed on their style. I guess what draws me to this section in particular is that the photographer has chosen two intersections where I spent a large chunk of my life.

Especially 5th and 57th. If I was not working at Bergdorf’s, then I was at the Chanel Boutique. I lived really close (at 9th and 56th) and so jobs at that beat were perfect for me. It is only in retrospect that I can see that if I were to truly be ambitious as a visual artist, I should have gotten completely out of that area - and it is no accident that as the years went by, my ‘career’ became more and more about fashion.

The longer I worked around that famous intersection, the more I fantasized about a book I wanted to make, named right after it. And it would simply be characters, real characters of that beat and the monologues they would give me - one page, an entire full-length photograph not unlike what The Sartorialist provides and then, the one page monologue. But of course I used to wonder just how outrageous I could make this monologue.

You see, women will say the most outrageous things to their makeup artist. Often the stories were as fascinating as the veneer and I know a lot of people don’t count on that. They think the book’s all cover, but I found this not to be the case.

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