Wednesday, February 7, 2007

collection (Andi Septic)

While going through some old mail art, I found a big collection of missives from Andi Septic. Andi was a wonderful punk artist in London when I was living there in 77/78 and we became friends. We corresponded for years afterward, but it has been even more years since I last heard. If anyone knows him, please send him my way. We really connected and I still miss him.

At one point he became Andru Layke and I have no idea what name he uses now. I never knew his name given at birth. He went from the punk style to full-blown New Romantic, like you see here. He was a Blitzkid and also got more into fashion designing and a little less into art, the last I heard. He sent me xeroxes of wildstyle and kept me abreast of a certain kind of London that was really covered by Details or The Face at that time.

Andi made statements about the fast nature of gay culture back then. These works pre-dated the AIDS onslaught and he had a certain intuition about an oncoming crisis. Like any good artist, he anticipated and was looking through the front window.

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Anonymous said...

After reading your post regarding the work of Andru Layke, I felt that I should leave a comment. I am Andi's nephew writing on behalf of my father - Andi's brother.

I regret to inform you that Andi passed away in the early hours of 25th December 2003 of an AIDS related illness.

He was known as Andru Layke until his death and his name at birth was Laurence McGinley.

I am sorry to bring this bad news but it would have been worse if you had not known at all.

Anthony McGinley