Monday, February 12, 2007

collection (Paul Fujita)

I met Paul Fujita when I was curating the Tri-Met Interstate Max line. It turns out that his work (along with Eric Stotik’s) was perfect to conclude that line, which ends at Expo - where a Japanese internment camp once was during World War II. Both of those works were about journeys. Paul was very adept at the artist book, and what we used was merely an open book for the project. You get a sense from this image of the abandon in what he does.

Paul was already fairly well known in PDX for his start-up gallery with Tyler Kline, Zeitgeist. Paul is still running it and putting on fun shows. I would not have learned about the work of Alex Lilly and Klutch (whose work I love) had it not been for him.

So, Paul does all kinds of things, but especially for using the skateboard in inventive ways. Here you see attendees of a skateboard convention of some sort, in which he took the mugshot – style pics and montaged them to the skateboard backing. They are nifty block-like pieces you can put anywhere and they travel from here to there in my house.

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Anonymous said...

drats! the yellow line is the only one i HAVEN'T taken..i'll have to check it out next time i'm there..

and thank you, once again, for bringing paul (and eunice parsons and many others) to my attention. you ARE helping to write a whole new art history.

-baby smith