Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paper Chase

Tomorrow’s radio show is about Paper Chase, which opens at Marilyn Murdoch’s Guestroom this next Friday. I will have both the curator, Jenny Strayer, and the director of Guestroom, Shawn Long. They will talk about the conception and course of this exhibition, plus give the lowdown on Guestroom, a gallery known for taking on guest curators.

These two individuals just happen to be photomontage artists who are also in the show. A few years ago Strayer joined me on the air because she was a photographer – and also because she had a marvelous story about recovering photographs made by a father she barely knew, which produced a show at S.K Josefsberg. However, photomontage did not even seem to be on the horizon when I met her then, so I am curious to hear how it all panned out.

I hope to post more images and stories from Paper Chase later. The work above is by Philip Iosca (photo credit: Adam Levey).

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