Friday, February 9, 2007

s t r e t c h color

Yesterday I was just cutting away, attempting montage. The process feels - like a process. None of it has been easy since I lost my stash-bag of treasured images, a tragic event I detailed in my old diary. It’s inch by inch. But thankfully when it comes to paint – and maybe it’s because I had some time off – ideas rush in. And it all revolves around color.

There’s not a time in my life I did not think about it. I did not allow myself to claim it, however, in some gloriously possessive way as regards painting, until I was in my 40s.

My own past is the catalogue for future territories. It’s not like I think of particular events or fashions or clients - all I see is the big expanse. No matter where I am or how I feel, it provides a formula for adventure. Going to the box of paints, color is all I have to think about.

The knowledge of time was one of most liberating things I received in illness. Whether I have a year left to paint, or forty, there is still time. I believe I did what was right for an artist in their 20s to do when I was that age: live hard. So now I’m choosing to live light and live in what light I have. And stretch color.


Richard said...

Just gorgeous. It's like James Turrell or the late Dan Flavin decided to become a painter.

Anonymous said...

the term 's t r e t c h color' brings to mind lots of groovy methaphorical mindplay...and though i always prefer to breathe in the full effect of your work in person, eva, i'll take it over the web, too!!



Anonymous said...

your paintings are translating loud and clear...thank the goddesses above..

i'm gettin' chills!

-baby smith