Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Not long ago I received an email from Bean Gilsdorf, something to the effect of:

Hey, we are moving some stuff and see that we have all these old magazines. Old Lifes and some old National Geographics. You wouldn’t want these, would you?

!!!! - Thank you, Bean. Just having a stack of extra stash makes happy, even when if I don’t montage a lot right now. I still like looking at it, being around it.

- Not that I am not a packrat. In fact I throw out too much and regret not only the tossed materials but the tossed miniskirts. If you move around alot, none of it can be too precious. And friends were upset that I cut up what they might keep (if they did such things), but still – they liked the results. Now however, as I lay it out, I see that I have artifacts, a library of sorts - of assassinations and wars and the rise of the sexual revolution.

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