Monday, February 5, 2007


Today my guest on the radio with be Weihong. She has an interesting performance/ installation going on at Ogle right now.

It is rare that I ask anyone on if I have never met them before – too many unknown variables. As I like to point out, I don’t interview art objects. I interview human beings. So it’s good to check in on their humanity first! But with Weihong, I figured that anyone who poured tea all day long in an installation for the ‘viewer’, while also taking their picture, must have a good dose of empathy in their makeup. Once I met her (briefly), I knew I was right.

In her site, you will see all kinds of art making going on – paintings and photography and installations. She clearly has a thing for black and white and what I suppose must be Ying and Yang. She has poured tea for (and then photographed) luminaries from all over the world. The interview will be archived here for several weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I met her on First Thursday and sat for a photograph. I found her delightful, articulate, strongly opinionated with an accentuation on the positive. And of course I love her idea of yin/yang black/white polarities and the wonderful shades in between.