Monday, March 19, 2007


Today I will play music during my timeslot at KPSU and will post the playlist and a link to the archive later, if you care to listen.

Artstar is in for big changes. My next interview will not be on KPSU. I need to take the next step with what is now a five-year project - and I hope that those of you who liked what I produced will stay with me.

Because I’ve been a bit spread out with this blog, that old diary and then a separate page for the radio show, there’s a need to consolidate. This blog was called ‘an experiment’ from the start and I’m glad I called it that! – because there are changes to come with it too.

(PS – Edward has nothing to do with this post; I just like looking at him :)


R. said...

Edward is a darling! I can tell he is growing.. You can really see it in the elongation of the nose.. That was one way I could really tell that my own Chico was growing up!

Exciting about your changes... I'm in your corner, as you know.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi Eva..
Edward is becoming a handsome young thing..
It's nice to see you busy as ever..
I think of the mission often.. I haven't played a saxophone in years.. or beaten on an oil drum at a bart station.. guitar an electronics these days.. the same for glue and mags... is more like pixels and pixie dust... making models of the real world rather than one in my head... ttfn


J@simpleposie said...

Man has that creature ever grown!

L.M. said...

He's so, so beautiful.