Thursday, March 15, 2007

collection (Henry Scarpelli)

As a kid I read Archie Comics. They were really the only comic I collected. Then fast forward to my early 30s, I got into them again. I am not sure why, save I never got to be much of a teenager and after all, Archie is all about teens. So I was kind of looking back and redoing some things, at least in my head.

When Archie turned 50 in 1991, there were all kinds of special editions and celebrations. I met various cartoonists at the big convention on NYC and even had my own drawing of Betty and Veronica printed in one of the editions (they printed art by readers via contests).

Then the Children’s Museum on Staten Island had a big Archie event and I got to meet Henry Scarpelli. A lot of kids were in line to get free drawings, but I was the only adult.


Jen said...

Just stumbled upon your blog regarding the Henry Scarpelli meet and greet. If I were there, there'd be two adults. I too grew up on Archie comics and still read them from time to time whenever I can get my hands on one. The quality has changed but the entertainment value remains. I was fortunate enough to meet Dan DeCarlo and received a Betty and Veronica sketch from him, years before he passed. It is my most prized art piece. Glad to hear of adult Archie comic fans. They are rare.

Eva said...

Hi Jen, thanks for leaving this note. That's cool that you have a Dan DeCarlo. If there is an Archie around and I've got the time, I will still always read it.