Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the pattern may change...

This is on my mind in more ways than one.

We have an opportunity to change the pattern in the upcoming election. As many times as you see the above noun (with attached adjective), that’s as many times as we’ve had this kind of president (minus one, and he’s below).

But will it change? I was one of those high school kids so excited by Shirley Chisholm - such a naïve dream. Hey, we still have people like the Free Man in Paris telling us that Hillary is ambitious!

- Like a billionaire like David Geffen wouldn’t be, should be, isn’t celebrated to be. It sickens me. Nah. We’re probably going to end up with another one:


Anonymous said...

So very offensive as if white males are the problem. I'm pretty sick of that. Bobby Kennedy was a white male, John F. Kennedy - white. It's an overly simplistic generalization every bit as ugly as all the others we're fighting in this society.

The focus should be from a positive 'opening up' of society so that we all see each other for our worth and importance and not attempt to vilify one group in order to support others.

As for Mr. Geffen - a white male, well - he was supporting Barack Obama over Hiliary Clinton. Your spin? You see the white male as being against a female president.

But he was supporting a black male for president.

And he was taking a stand against a white female who's husband let down the gay & lesbian community after Mr. Geffen's support - and who's wife looks happily lined up to do the same.

(This week - the white female, Ms. Clinton - said that whether homosexuality is 'immoral or not was for others to decide.)

So from your perspective you have it all figured out. From mine - even as a (horrors!) white male, well - I see gay men and lesbians being asked to support another Clinton without any assurance our equality will be defended.

I'll take anyone else, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I took all those words (white male male white the pattern may change etc) from the New York Times, an article on the next election. It was straight cut-out with very litle manipulation on my part - not just my 'perspective'...

But if you're offended, join the club.


Anonymous said...

That's not a club I'm interested in joining, it's old thinking. Some blacks were involved in slave trading, some gays have been the worst homophobes, some women think that white males should lead all others - and yes some white males believe they're better than anyone else and have been willing to amass great injustices to maintain their place.

If you're merely blaming white males (whether by word or fiat) you've missed the opportunity of creating real change.

We operate as a society and we all have a role in the embalances and injustices and we need to stop the finger pointing and get to work.

I just think your perspective is a narrow one, I hope at least you welcome alternative responses from your audience other than the one you expected.

Anonymous said...

As for the election, the first place to put 'blame' would be to those who don't vote and white men sure don't have the corner of the market in that.

The broken record is also elsewhere, especially in TPTB of the art world, my world. Women are making alot of art and in fact women are often curating the shows - that are made of mostly men. The higher the place in the food-chain, the more this is so.

Artnet has a pretty good story up on it right now:

White Walls Glass Ceiling.