Saturday, March 31, 2007

Postcards (Glitterbest)

This is not exactly mail art, but I treasure this card.

In 1977 I spent a few months in London. It was not until I had returned, hanging out with my granddad in Ashland, that I could make an assessment of what had happened to me. What the HELL was I doing back in the States? - that was my big question. And like the goofy girl from Oregon that I was, I wrote Glitterbest, the office of the Sex Pistols and Malcolm McClaren, and asked them for a job.

Few people had a job in the UK as it was! And I had zero qualifications, enthusiasm aside. But at least I received this cool card and loads of fabulous propaganda, including a God Save the Queen t-shirt printed inside-out in glorious day-glow purple and pink. I wore it till it was dead. I can only assume that the same Sue who wrote me the card also wrote this article.

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