Monday, March 5, 2007


The discussion over at the Slog is getting rather remarkable. I found that one of the more recent posts had a very steady aim when it declared that this discussion was about power. And in her story, she gave the details of almost getting a gallery, but it involved a ‘date’. Now, this is a story I could unfortunately embellish in many added dimensions.

I can only think of two times I showed in New York that did not involve a possible sexual opportunity and as can be projected, one of these exhibitions came from a gay male curator and the other, from a woman. Otherwise the shows were gone when the hopes and moves were over. But looking back, maybe I should have just stuck my elbows way out and been the art whore.

Like when I was invited over to Holly Solomon’s house for a dinner party and did not go. I would go only as a girlfriend, it was abundantly clear, and not as an artist. No doubt I should have just made it obvious that I was an artist too and in no uncertain terms (whatever that is), even if I received only tepid, polite responses. But I just didn’t have enough kahoonies left after my work-day was over, plus too much (ridiculous) pride.

There’s the gallery owner who grabbed me as I walked by and placed me on his lap, the fellow who visited my studio and stuck his tongue down my throat before I could use it to say Stop! What is really awful is to recall how many times I was courted by ‘curators’ and even fellow ‘artists’ who turned out to be none of that; just using the one thing I would hold out for. Coffee and promises of dinner made no dent with me, but mention you are in the art world – like any true predator, they know your weakness.

So yes, it’s always about power. I openly acknowledge right here and right now that I started most of my current, ongoing over-cramped life because I couldn’t stand someone else having so much of it over me anymore. Busyness lets you forget, but there's more reconstruction to come.


C said...

There are always assholes.

The SLOG / Kangas seems a tempest in a teapot tho. Regina from the PI put it best when she instructed Jen Graves to "do the story." She didn't "do the story," and blew it. These blogs are troublesome - it's easy to write intemperately, without due consideration and reflection. It's a prompt medium, and especially with so many anonymous authors floating around.

"A critic is only as good as their reputation." So true!

geoff said...

Half of the people I see at openings are purely there to "make the scene". We have an annual emerging artists show here in OK that I'm convinced is only attended by people who want to see the bands and get laid.

It's a pity too, because everyone has something to express (well, maybe not everyone) and if we could get these people as interested in art as they are in making it with someone who looks like an artist, we might be better off.