Tuesday, March 20, 2007

salad days

The playlist from yesterday was eventually called my Salad Days, taken from the title of the last track for the hour by Young Marble Giants:
Glen Branca - Lesson No. 2
Heaven 17 - We Don't Need That Fascist Groove Thang
Richard Hell - Blank Generation (live)
Magazine - The Life Pours Out of Me
Stooges - Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
Ultravox - Hiroshima Mon Amour
Siouxsie - Dear Prudence
Killing Joke - Change
Lou Reed - Vicious (live)
T Heads - Psycho Killer
Stranglers - (Get a ) Grip (on Yourself)
Patti Smith - Free Money
Clash - Police and Thieves
YMG - Salad days
I love the original line-up of Ultravox especially, when they had an exclamation point at the end of their name and John Foxx was the singer - he was the hottest. I walked by the Marquee and there was this LP cover in the window: the record was not even out yet, but they were promoting it as this band was being produced by Brian Eno. I became friends with one of the band and saw them quite a few times.

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storm said...

God I love that Heaven 17 song.
So frequently I look at that record and think how unique and short -lived it was.

Thanks Eva.