Sunday, April 29, 2007

Artcritical Review Panels

Lately I’ve been listening to some of the review panels that Artcritical sponsors at the National Academy in New York. Even though I am not able to see the shows they discuss, I find the panels pretty damn good.

A few years ago Jeff Jahn introduced me to David Cohen. I was just beginning to check out Artcritical, his site. It certainly was not in my head to listen to art critics from 3000 miles away. But what I appreciate is the diversity of opinion about the works and the depth of their convictions about a work of art. You can tell that these people have been looking at art, thinking about it for decades. (They get into art world ethics too, and all the things we have been discussing here. But they move on much more quickly and with so much more humor and guts. They were even game for the eternal do-you-have-to-like-an-artist-to-like their-work question, naming names, but again, with humor. I was laughing through much of it.)

One of the critics on a recent panel was Charlie Finch, who I have mentioned here before. I have followed his writing for quite awhile - he has a definite slant, which comes off very convincing, even when you do not agree with him. I’m looking forward to talking to some of these people when this new radio venture gets going. It will commence in about a month from now.

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