Saturday, April 21, 2007

Chris Ashley

(Chris Ashley interview here)

In June Chambers will show digital works by Chris Ashley of the Look, See fame. He calls these works HTML drawings. It's not like I know every artist working in this medium, but Chris Ashley has got to be one of the best. Day after day, in his website, he knocks me out. I’ll never forget the day I discovered it. I ooooed and ahhhed and knew there was so much I still had to uncover within the site. The very precise line made with the click of a mouse must go far, very far, to impress. Chris does. You can tell he’s a painter. One project he did previously was 365 – a drawing for everyday of the year, installed in a linear fashion. Chambers will show these works, plus others.

The entire show will be called WYSIWYG. I feel like Chris and I have a few things in common, even though the method is different and well, so are the results. But we both find a great deal of freedom working within a defined system. And we’ve both got that z i n g.

Also, in his statement, he says: Although the images I make are typically “abstract” they often reference and allude to the real world. Like Chris, I feel I paint my reality. For me it’s all somehow landscape-based, but I am using that word very loosely, as far as can be stretched. I think he is too.

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MC said...

Hi Eva,
Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I noticed your kind link to studiosavant, so, I just wanted to say thanks.

Also, good luck with your VOA show... sounds exciting!