Wednesday, April 11, 2007

not exhibited

Simpleposie recently asked if one ever had works ‘under exhibited’. I am not sure if they are ‘under exhibited,’ but I certainly have works never shown. I still make them.

I am actually surprised at how often artists think that everything they make must show. Not to say it isn’t worth it, because the reaction from someone else’s eyes can change everything. But that's not the only thing, maybe not even the main thing. I think it’s good to make just for you. Maybe it’s all that doodling I did in math class.

If you really like to dance, you need no partner and certainly no audience. And if you do it enough, you get good at dancing, develop your own special moves. But you may never develop the really crazy special moves without that private dancing.

I guess the analogy only goes so far because as the choreographer Gregg Bielemeier told me: “At least you have something to hang on the wall.” Right - but must we? (At least always in public?)

In these days of ‘bodies of work,’ most of that gets shown. But I still like making the one-off, the stuff that just gets made and maybe goes nowhere. Of course I couldn’t keep everything. A lot of paintings, especially in New York, went out on the streets. They disappeared quickly though.

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J@simpleposie said...

Hi Eva,

I think if youlive a creative life and explore or realize as many of your ideas as you can, you are bound to have interesting one off pieces and sometimes even whole subcategories of objects that just don't fit with the more overt program. Some of these are my greatest treasures.