Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Shot

Over the weekend I received a small and juicy little black book called One Shot. The project Visual Codec commenced last year, a collection of artworks amassed from the Pacific Northwest, is finally out.

As I was one of the judges, I had seen all of these images before. Still, some seemed like new when viewed in this format. No longer on the computer screen (we viewed from secret spots online), the images feel more validated and ‘real’ in the book form. They also just seem to look better; don’t know why this is.

No names were included in the jury viewing, no gallery affiliations, no resumes or statements. Sometimes one could recognize the work, but I was surprised at how much I just had to use my eyes - because I did not recognize. For some, I know this makes them feel uncertain, but I don’t mind the feeling.

After the looking comes the liking (or not). Without the outside input, you get to ask yourself if you like the work and then, even if you don’t, is that bad? Sometimes ‘not liking’ is good. It kind of goes back to that whole ‘quality of work’ issue – it’s a subjective verdict in my book. Every viewer brings their stuff with them. - And yet we had to be also instantaneous in a way too, trust your gut. I recall m saying something like "..if you want to keep scrolling, rate the work accordingly..." That idea was kind of liberating.

The winners of the one thousand dollar cash prize at One Shot was Lead Pencil Studio for the Maryhill Double (see image above). Thanks to m of VC taking on this project.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for devoting a whole entry to the one shot book!! it was awesome to have you on the jury panel...many happy returns,