Monday, May 28, 2007

Andrea Arroyo

(interview mp3 here)

My first guest on this new radio venture is someone who has covered a lot of ground and a lot of bases: Andrea Arroyo, presently showing at the Arthaus in San Francisco.

She is exhibiting on one coast while living on another (New York, to be exact). She was born in Mexico and creates imagery influenced by that culture, inspired by Pre-Columbian art and Mexican mural design. She’s made more than one kind of crossover, too, as she was a dancer before a visual artist.

Arroyo has worked in a myriad of mediums throughout her art career: painting and graphics, public art and set design. She’s done a lot. Her work has appeared in the New Yorker. The Next Wave Festival at BAM commissioned her set designs. You can see her stuff in the transit system of Manhattan.

Plus she must be an invigorating role model, as she was once named Outstanding Latina of the Year by El Diario and also, the official artist for the 7th Annual Latino Grammy Awards. I understand she has an interesting story of how she came to the States.

And then there are the recent paintings, which is what I came across first. It just seemed to me that a show called Women Who Fly, based on characters out of history and mythology, might be a good candidate for an art podcast on a women’s network.


heArtblog said...

i Eva
I am very excited for you and thanks for making the shows accessible for us

are there still any of your previous shows on archive anywhere ?

good luck
till soon


Anonymous said...

There are a few archived here and there.


Phil Bard has one up.

So does Daniel Kaven...

Anonymous said...

eva, you R O C K, pure and simple.....just heard your first voice america installment....


you've turned me on to YET another artist, and i cannot WAiT to hear more. your passion is infectious, and i LOVE the fact that you began in the spirit of 'artstar,' with the usual.....'for the viewer, tell us a bit of what they're gonna see when they walk in and see your exhibit....'

you're a bloody icon, woman!!!!!!!

btw......'women & wine' airs right before, eeeeeer, you KNOW i was listening, right??!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

♥ -baby smith