Saturday, May 5, 2007

Art Podcasts

When art people found out about Artstar Radio, they would often ask me: “Who else is doing such a thing?” Well, Julie Bernard at KBOO has me beat by at least 15 years! Still, there just wasn’t much in the way of art-driven radio.

Until we had the Internet. If I google art podcasts, the cup runs over. They are all over the country now. Some are very local in interest; some come from those who travel enough to be almost like an art tourist guide.

I’ve got to say, I am very impressed with the empire Jen Graves is building at The Stranger. She’s got a weekly interview podcast going, her regular stories and constant updates on the Slog. She’s covering art there in a way I don’t see in Portland at all.

Then again, Steven Vroom has had his Art Radio Seattle streaming out of Seattle (now at 911) long before Jen. Every week Steven gives art news from all over the world. There’s also Bad at Sports, which covers Chicago. I found Art a GoGo by Kathlee and Doug, a couple who chat about art in an easy way. ArtScene Visual Radio comes out of Southern California. Of course WPS1 is famous for their podcasts. This is the tip of the iceberg.

I didn’t find any that let the listeners call in with questions or comments, if they are listening live. This is an option I am hoping to build with The Art World, my next show. Not every guest will want this, but some will. Soon I will have a webpage built for the show, with a schedule and links to the work of the guests.


Anonymous said...

there you go again....breaking the mold!!!!

i CAN NOT EXPRESS just how excited i am about all of's one thing to have your own opinions as a host/moderater along with the guest....but, to involve the public in an impromptu discussion?!!!.... which could easily turn on a dime and work for or painfully against you...

well, that just takes great skill and balls, and i KNOW you have both!

you need no luck,
you will SAiL.

so, will these be like conference calls? will YOU be the one deciding who makes it to the air or not? or is it a free for all? aaaaaaand, will the shows be archived?


Anonymous said...

The show will be engineered out of Arizona, so the engineers pick up the calls and screen them. Since we don't (at this point) have FCC breathing down our necks, I am not so worried about violations as I used to be (in case someone has the need to let go).

All the interviews will be permanently archived. In fact I think the new show will only pick up speed once shows are slowly archived, as it has no official URL yet. The Voice America site is a maze of channels and hosts and not a breeze to navigate - I'm hoping to make it easier through my own site. Eventually this blog will have an icon too, which will send you straight to the podcasts.

Thanks for the kind support.

C.J.Brown said...

I really like the once a month video podcast from KQED in San Francisco called "Gallery Crawl."