Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the kids have something to say

I forgot how clear and hot and dry Oregon can be. Over the weekend I delivered my show to the Pendleton Center for the Arts, leaving the grey and green behind for the purple and orange that is Eastern Oregon.

Roberta Lavadour is a multi-talented woman. She makes art and also directs this exhibition space. And it’s more than just that, because all kinds of community events happen there. She’s curating, writing extensively, installing. I couldn’t help but notice, too, what great people skills she has. She’s really interested in everyone who walks through the door.

People were in and out of that space while I was there, picking up work from a previous group show. Whenever there are kids around, I always get a lot of spontaneous response. “I’m getting dizzy,” said one, over and over again – not to me, but to everyone else. I knew what she was talking about! This reminded me of another show, when the other artists were all parents (or knew parents) and lots of children came. While these kids were not “my crowd,” they were all eventually dancing in front of my work.

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