Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coagula/ Mat Gleason

Each month two boxes of Coagula arrive on my doorstep, sent to me by the editor Mat Gleason. And so in a fashion, I am the Coagula PDX missionary, dropping off copies at PNCA and PSU and wherever else I might go.

I think I saw the journal years ago, but it was during a trip to NYC in 2005 that it really caught my eye. There I was in Ronald Feldman, coming across what looked to be a gen-u-wine art fanzine from LA, snarl intact. Cool.

The ever-star-struck writings of Baird Jones grabbed me right away, as I used to go to a lot of his parties. This was probably twenty years ago and unbelievably, he still puts on these sort-of art parties and events in NYC - funded, in part, by alcohol companies (or so it appears). It seems like he had met everyone and remembered all their confessions.

Mat not only edits Coagula and writes a blog, but also does his own podcasts at Artscene.

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