Friday, May 25, 2007


The number one word and image to drive traffic to my site has nothing to do with art, my own or anyone else’s. It also doesn’t refer to the name of my site or an artist or any of the activities there.

It’s “succulents.” The word sends me the most visitors (when it comes to a search).

Succulents still intrigue me and yesterday I bought a bunch more for a hot place in front of the house. They keep evolving all year, a glorious crescendo during the spring and summer and then, become spent and dried, but usually not dead.

Late May is the time of peonies. We had 24 blooms this year of Coral Charm, above. They start out nearly hot pink but will become an antique yellow over time. And immense.

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Sildenafil said...

The image number one didn't seem like a piece of art because it seems like a fruits basket, the other ones are a master arts.