Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Pissed-Off Gene

In the 80s, I knew all these hip hairdressers getting swept up in EST. One of them told me about some forum they went to, where they learned about moving a chair. In one exercise you “Try to move the chair.” And so a struggle ensues. Then you “Move the chair” - and of course it happens without a thought. While I never bothered to learn about EST, that entire exercise I have always remembered, a focus on doing as opposed to over-thinking and pathetically trying.

Someone turned me on to a very smart bit of writing at Gaping Void: How to be Creative. It is absolutely the best time for me to read this, because transition can be really uncomfortable. In theory, art people love risk, but in reality, we have something invested in the status quo - our routine and certitude. We’re sensitive too, and so we can actually get depressed over doing new things. There's that book The Shock of the New but it could have also been The Doubt of the New, in how it occurs in the everyday reality.

I don’t even know where to start with the gems, so I won’t. Read the whole thing. (I did, however, love his stance on our universal “Pissed Off Gene.” I am so glad someone cherishes it like I do.)

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harold hollingsworth said...

You are so right about how sensitive we artists are. I just started a one day a week job, and then I'm painting or working here in my studio the rest of the time, and already are having doubts, about my skills, my desire, and on and on. Yet, when I was full time at Artech, I was wondering about doing what I'm doing now, which is more painting, and perhaps a job that was only one day a week. Jeez!