Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Women in Art"

Someone sent me this video, marveling at the morph. And I did too.

But the subject title was confusing for me, because it said: Women in Art.I was thinking the video might be about women in the art field or women artists. They're on my mind. But it was women as the subject... duh!

...If you look at the many comments made on the site, you'll see that many people are complaining that there are no women of color in this montage. We've all got our own perspective on what we are looking at or for....

My question is: are any of these images made by women artists? Is there, for instance, a Mary Cassatt in there?

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Anonymous said...

Friends emailed me and gave at least a Cassatt, maybe a Morisot. And also, Loiuse-Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun.