Monday, June 11, 2007

Chris Ashley

(Chris Ashley interview here)

While I enjoy all kinds of exhibitions, there’s not that many that make me want to run right into the studio. But that’s what Chris Ashley at Chambers did to me. I kept seeing works I actually wanted to make my own version of! You can’t see it all in one visit. It is hard-edged heaven.

It looks like the images run in a series, with small or not-so-small changes in the HTML he uses to make them. There were whole progressions that felt like music, they way they swept along and mutated. Indeed, some of the works are named after musicians or songs.

He had a whole series that looked just like my Red One. Then he took those forms and made a thin cross, an intersection in the middle. It looked like a Native American blanket all slicked up. My actual favorites however were not the red ones, but the ones which featured his way with blue and green. He made skyscapes, seascapes and the spaces in between (or at least it seemed to me – someone else will see something else).
(Photo courtesy of Harold Hollingsworth.)

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harold hollingsworth said...

It was an enjoyable and worthwhile installation, so glad to have met both him and yourself, even if so briefly. I look forward to many more such encounters!