Monday, June 25, 2007

Interview with Jen Bekman

(interview archive mp3)

Jen Bekman is doing so much that it was not that easy knowing where to start with the interview. Most probably know her for her gallery on Spring Street, which focuses on emerging artists and often photography (but not exclusively). The gallery has a blog in which she writes a lot about photography and the various projects she’s up to.

Projects - like Hey Hot Shot! - a quarterly competition which Bekman initiated. It debuts ten new talented photographers to the public four times a year with dedicated shows. Another project is 20 x 200, a way for emerging artists to get their works to new collectors.

Ms. Bekman also writes Personism, which is where I originally found her, filled with all sorts of useful information. It was actually the post on Women Speakers for your Conference which drew my initial interest. I loved the post and what others had to say.

It took me awhile to backtrack and find out how this idea even began – a conference on creativity happened, with a panel of 28 speakers and none were female. The conference defended themselves by saying that women were invited (yeah, Cindy Sherman. I guess she MIGHT be busy!), but none could make it. Ms. Bekman said: “Try harder.”

Presently her gallery has an exhibition called A New American Portrait which she curated along with Jörg Colberg.

(The interview is this coming Wednesday, 3PM PST.)

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