Friday, June 29, 2007

paint and montage

Is there any connection between my photomontages and paintings? Some years, yes - but in most years – there appears to be not much tying them together.

About 20 - 25 years ago I made collages which were abstract, based on the Russian Avant Garde. I never showed them – they were more like short poems I could tack on my source wall, things to look at. Because they were made just for me, they became something I could never toss, even though there is nothing special about them. I still have a few of these seemingly insignificant bits and pieces of paper stashed away in portfolios.

Lately I have been sort of going back to those forms but in different ways, and this time, they feel more connected to the paintings I make. The route to this idea was to nearly stop painting, first of all! For two weeks, I did not paint and I am still painting less as I montage more. Some of the ideas I was addressing in paint came to the table of paper.


Anonymous said...

oh my goddess, are these photomontages recent? i can see a direct link to your paintings with these. (even if you did them 20 odd years ago) they're etheral....simplistic,yet complex.

thank you, thank you eva, for sharing your process. i've learned SO much from you!


Anonymous said...

They are from last week. I found in an old Life a big spread on color and many of the images sort of look like my paintings. A lucky break!


Rodrigo said...
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Anonymous said...

Eva - I really like your collages and your recent paintings - the earthquake ones. Your fidelity to creativity is inspiring. You also have the absolute best name I have ever heard - "Eva Lake". Sounds like a name straight out of a Bergman film, or some covert CIA name. Love it!

Best regards,

W. Freese