Friday, June 15, 2007


Bring on those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. I had a class on the history of rock n roll and the final was yesterday. The Pendleton show comes down tomorrow and then it’s down to radio, art making and dog school for the summer.


Anonymous said...

prince edward. he's so darling..

congrats on the show eva, wish i could've seen it up close! will you be adding to this installation for the dec. augen show?


nod said...

What a wonderful smile... thats a very happy dog... I hope I can make it to one of your shows soon, I could use a trip to the west coast an would love to see what your doing these days... in person rather than in pixels

Anonymous said...

The next show is in December at Augen. And yes, I will add to whatever I have now. It will probably not be as long of a line-up as I wanted though...