Friday, June 8, 2007

what I get out of it

Someone asked me what I personally get out of interviewing art people. It keeps the world bigger. It’s bigger than my stuff, studio or the books I’m reading. It’s bigger than friendships. Things can get a little comfy in Portland, Oregon.

But most of all, it kicks my art ass because it often adds the something I wasn’t looking for. Could such a thing make me paint better? It's possible. I was also asked if I ever questioned my work or wanted to change it after an interview. Never; I just want to make more! But I often feel afterwards that there are a million ways to live with art. Hearing from someone else really committed to a life in art is like one big affirmation, the good times and the bad.

Here are mp3s of the new show:

Andrea Arroyo
Charlie Finch

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