Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bringing on the Revolution

I am had a great time talking with Jen Bekman, who runs her gallery and has Personism. (Listen to the interview here.)

At Personism she has a post called "Women Speakers for your Conference." As I noted before, this post was inspired in part by a conference on creativity which had no women on the panels. The organizers said that they had asked women, but no one was available.

Who were the women? Cindy Sherman, Yoko Ono, Sofia Coppola! And the men on the panel? Well, it wasn’t John Cage or Richard Prince. Jen mentioned one fellow who made commercials. "Fine,” she said, “They make good commercials. Great. Hey, I know some women who make good commercials too.”

Do we gotta break the sound barrier? Case in point: I recently read a review of a local exhibition of a woman artist. The big complaint throughout the review was that she was not bringing on The Revolution. My question is: why is that her responsibility? Does she have to be Cindy Sherman?

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