Sunday, July 22, 2007


(photo courtesy Froelick Gallery)
The Desoto Building has already been written about by TJ and many others, and I don’t think there’s much I can really add.

Save, dear God, it was so nice to be there. Not me physically (though that too), but my painting. Augen represents many artists, dead and alive, from here and elsewhere, and it was no done deal that any of my work would grace those new walls.

TJ implied that there need not be a one-stop-shopping mentality as regards the Pearl and the consolidation this building might project - meaning there's plenty more to come from the four corners. Maybe I got that wrong and sorry if I did, but I do it's great to have it all and necessary.

I’ve spent a lot more time (decades?) in the four corners than the commercial galleries – all of it is really important. Sure, I coulda done without the shows in hair salons and real estate agents (true story, and not that long ago either), but I loved showing at the Haze Gallery (RIP) and at 333 too. And years ago, at ABCNoRio and Fashion Moda. It’s all good.

Today the building has a block party and sometime during the day 3 Leg Torso is playing. They played at my wedding and I never got to dance, we saying “thank you” so much. Maybe we can dance in the streets today.

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