Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Interview with Andrei Codrescu

(Interview mp3)

When I considered doing a podcast about the state of art in New Orleans, I called up my pal Brian Borrello. He is from there, still has a gallery there and he has also curated shows out of there, like Guns in the Hands of Artists. I asked him who might be the best person to give the lay of the land. He told me Andrei Codrescu, and if Codrescu could not do it, he would know who might.

Codrescu: a created name, a fact I like. He writes – poetry, essays, novels, at least 30 books. He has been on NPR for over ten years. That he said yes to me blew my mind.

Andrei is so prolific that one has to be careful about spreading a net too wide: he’s the expert on Romania, Transylvania, Dracula, revolution, communist leaders, Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco, food, radio, the 60s, LSD and a certain version of women. But I am going to try to just focus on New Orleans and art in general. He’s had some interesting things to say about how artists live in the world.

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Anonymous said...

A true genius. I look forward to listening to your podcast.