Saturday, July 28, 2007

make your room

Verdicts are coming in at PORT on the Desoto project. I had heard that the building was finished very close to party time, and so planned exhibitions weren’t coming till later. But this can be no excuse to many who expected more - or just expected something else.

I recall Augen Gallery when it was across from the library in 1978. I wrote in my diary that the owner was aloof to say the least (he and I have made a few in-roads since then!), but that it was the only place in town where I could go see Andy Warhol. That he was still putting up Warhol prints in 2007 did not really surprise me, as it was probably those prints which paid for that new space.

New curators take on the new (and I hope I contributed my fair share towards that), but every gallery has their own style or agenda. It will exclude someone/ something. And sometimes “new” doesn’t necessarily mean young. Does this need to be said? Well, I’m saying it.

It wasn’t that long ago, in a totally destitute and gallery-less state, I took my ass/work to a few galleries at the Everett Station Lofts. I was so under the radar that one fellow completely forgot our studio visit, which took me several meetings and phone calls to arrange. No one said: “We don’t really look at middle-aged women who draw and paint” but no one needed to. Those efforts taught me a lot - it wasn’t just me being uncomfortable in those small rooms.

But Bob Kochs actually did visit my studio.

This isn’t to say that I got something against the Everett Station Lofts- hardly! - having shown Paul Fujita (co-founder of Zeitgeist) twice, curated him into that Tri-met project and had him on the radio. In fact he even let me show some work at the Everett Station Lofts - in a mail art show.

As to those other uninterested galleries, none of them survived much longer than my pitching days there. And I hold nothing against any of them, because like I said, no one can show everything. In fact it was that time spent in those galleries which inspired me to open Lovelake - I figured if they could do it, I could at least try. So time well spent actually. You can feel comfortable in your own room.

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