Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interview with Judy Brodsky and Ferris Olin of the Feminist Art Project

(interview mp3 archive here)

This past year has seen Global Feminism and WACK!, to just name a couple of exhibitions which deal with feminism and/or feminist art. But then I read Roberta Smith’s review of one of these shows, saying that there was no real feminist art, but that feminism itself influenced art more just about any ism ( I loosely paraphrase)…

This seemed about right to me, yet I could not really articulate why. I began to ask myself, well, just what was a feminist art. Because I think you can be a feminist yet not necessarily make art about it. But then again, art is about life, you can’t really get around that essential fact. Whatever we think or write about our own art now, it may get spun differently by someone else 50 years from now.

So I thought I would ask some real experts on the subject and that’s when I came across The Feminist Art Project out of Rutgers University. Both of the coordinators, Ferris Olin and Judy Brodsky are joining me. TFAP is part of the Institute for Women and Art, plus they have an archive. Judy was even a contributor to the first comprehensive history of the American women’s movement in art, called The Power of Feminist Art.

Check out their goal: “The Feminist Art Project is a strategic intervention against the ongoing erasure of women from the cultural record.” This wouldn’t strike me so deeply if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I think I know just what the hell they are talking about, but I want to hear it all from them tomorrow on the podcast.

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Grace Matthews said...

Dear Eva,
I tried to access an MP3 podcast interview with Judy Brodsky and could not get it to work (file not found response). I clicked on another mp3 link on your http://www.lovelake.org/art_world_radio.htm and had the same response. Any Advice? Should I go through I Tunes Store?
Grace Matthews