Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Interview with Michael Darling

(interview archive mp3)

It’s time to do a show in Seattle. This will not be my first one either, as at Artstar I actually did a “Seattle Slew,” about 6 interviews in a row with all guests from that town. I had a lot of fun with that. (For the record, from Seattle I have already interviewed m, Steven Vroom, Carolyn Zick, Mark Zirpel, Alice Wheeler and Jim Demetre.)

It’s not like I have been to a ton of sculpture parks, but the ones I have were experiences I will not forget. Perhaps my favorite is the one in St. Paul de Vence at the Maeght Foundation, but this could be more due to Romance than what is actually there (although if France is there, that’s enough).

Seattle now has the Olympic Sculpture Park, and to follow it up, a new and improved SAM opened too. I’m really lucky to have Michael Darling, the curator of modern and contemporary art to join me on the podcast tomorrow. Jen Graves has a great interview with him here, when he was just arriving in Seattle from LA.

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