Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Judd, Stella, Augen

My entry into photomontage was fairly reliant on the copy machine. The only way to share what I was making was to send it out or staple it to a telephone pole. But sometime in the 80s I got tired of the limitations of a Xerox, which is not just size but also color (red prints black, for instance, if you’re copying in black and white). I also got a little tired of whatever kind of “audience” this kind of work was supposed to address.

And so for quite a long time my collages went off in all kinds of directions and must be held in fairly big portfolios. An example is below, with Beau Catching Issue, which obviously uses a shooting range target as the establishing background.

In order to get back into the groove of work this summer, I threw out ideas about size and also, how much cutting it really takes. And I found in my old diaries that I was sort of going back in time with my Judd montages - because I wrote a bit about using Frank Stella in the same way:

I don’t know if he’s a genius but the bright straight lines are perfect to cut up and layer. I’ve used him quite a bit as it is… Presently there’s a show of old Stella at the Augen Gallery – a house converted into a comfortable showroom. The man who runs it is very personable and good looking, knows little of Constructivism BUT knows Dorothea tanning and Max Ernst’s dealer. Often he is dressed in tennis shoes, holey sweaters and jeans….

Bob Kochs used to have a partner in Augen and that is who I must be writing about, as I have never seen Bob in anything but a suit. All these years later, I show at Augen! It’s amazing to me, but maybe it is really not that amazing in the grand scheme of things. I was writing about the gallery 27 years ago...


Steven LaRose said...

It is interesting that 27 years later, I can read much more into much less. That is, I am more engaged by your new photomontages. They are more like haikus, and less like beat poetry (which I like, mind you).

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I like the beat vs. haiku comparison. And I'm really grateful that you think they might be better, because I had a period of not producing at all.