Tuesday, August 7, 2007

the secret side

Occasionally I hear concerns that certain avenues here are very youth driven. These people are perhaps feeling dismissed or at least see it coming. And they think that the other side is really full of themselves.

But maybe we are forgetting what it is like to be young.

As I am researching some things, I came across my account of the very first show I ever curated and well, my first real exhibition in a gallery. It was called The Secret Side (after the Nico song) and it was at the Northwest Artists Workshop in January of 1980. Meanwhile, there’s an opening upstairs of ED RUSCHA and I completely dismiss it!! I reproduce it here, in one long running paragraph, just as it was:

I slept beforehand – I wasn’t a wreck. But I didn’t think the Secret Side would actually get it together. Once Thursday arrived, everyone worked like mad. The taped music blaring out drove us on, much to NWAW’s torment. The windows were beautiful, my new paintings well received. The collaboration piece (all video-taped by Mike Lastra) was fun. Our secret annex of wallpaper, lampshades and boxes turned out fine. Kris’s piece was really lovely and Vicki showed up to hang her own work. Michael King had great stuff, but he was too punky to stay for the fucking opening. Bill worked like crazy for anybody there.The opening was swinging and very different next to the Ed Ruscha opening upstairs at PCVA. All this boring art there (what a shame, he once was so great). And very boring people talking and drinking but not talking about art. I saw Tad Savinar hanging around the money. I wondered how they could all stay there for so long when the most happening thing in ages was downstairs. Ken Butler was with us and enjoyed himself, as did Pietro Ferrua. We drank Spanish Champagne and smoked a lot of pot when there was time. One woman – what was her name? – asked me many questions and said that she could see that I had worked very hard, it showed. I cried, I couldn’t help it. She is right, I hope.

(Postscript: I LOVE Ed Ruscha! What the F was I thinking?)


stephen said...

Hilarious Eva.

Isn't there a show up now called
'The Most Happening Thing In Ages'?


Sheree Rensel said...

I totally understand, Eva. Just last week an art friend and I were making a list of all the "famous" artists we have met in our lives. After tossing names back and forth, she asked, "Remember when we met Alice Neel?” When she said that, I felt like I was just drenched with ice water. Yes, I remember that. Talk about being totally young, stupid, and naive, I stood there with my nose up in the air during the entire experience. The scary part is I do remember "What the F^$# I was thinking!" At that time, I wanted to be like Eva Hesse. When I met Alice Neel (who in my small mind was just an old lady who painted ugly people), I was not impressed. I could kick myself now! I am in awe of Neel and her life work. I think this comes under the category of the George Bernard Shaw quote "Youth is wasted on the young." At least, those words were sometimes true in my case.
Sheree Rensel

m. said...

eva, this post is wise, generous, and comical...i'm so glad you blog!!

Eva said...

I am tempted to post some other things I wrote during that time....because they are funny and if you try to paraphrase or describe, which I have tried before, it's not quite the same.
Would there be interest?

m. said...

one of the unique facets of your blog is the history you bring to it...imho hearing it direct is a double treat...!!

mary klein said...

Great post, Eva!

Would love to see you post more of these early accounts "just as it was."