Friday, September 7, 2007

beyond the black thing

In 1978 I made a fanzine called Beyond the Black Thing. The Black Thing may be familiar to those who have read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine D’Engle. To me, the Black Thing was like Wilhelm Reich’s Emotional Plague or another word for fascism. I have been thinking about her, about the book and the fanzine the last few days and had been preparing a post on the contents of the fanzine….. and now she has passed on. She was not wild about being thought of as a children’s book author. I discovered only now that she was pigeon-holed as a Christian, too. Well, I read her when I was way out of childhood and very far away from any typical Christianity.


Steven LaRose said...

Pigeon holes are often used as a bad term.

I like pigeon holes.

I think something can be put in the Wrong "pigeon hole" Sometimes it seems like EVERYTHING is in the wrong pigeon hole.

It is up to us to make pigeon holes.

Don't let other's make pigeon holes for you.

. . .
what was your point?

oh, yeah
she "passed on" seems like she just got "passed to" me. It is beautiful actually, and nothing to pity, in her death she spread pollen.

Pollen to be Pigeon Holed.

Anonymous said...

...What was my point...
I don't think I had one.
But it did stike me odd that I had pulled out my fanzine and then she's in the news. But I guess life is full of stuff like that.
What I was really going to write about, though, was Warhol, an ongoing obsession, who was also in the rag...

m. said...

i did discover her first as a child, but then also as an adult. i also count myself lucky to have attended a reading she gave at my college in oregon.

she opened doors to me that cannot be explained in words, but perhaps known in solidarity with those who also found those same doors opened for them....

i think she has many followers, and thanks to this, parents will pass her on to their children, and in this way she will, as they say, live on...

thanks for the heads up, eva. since i cloister myself from as much news as possible this might have slipped right past me.

but as usual, the right stuff hits the filter.



Carolyn said...

Hi Eva,
I'm with m, thanks for the post as I didn't know about this. I was an avid Wrinkle in Time fan in my youth (and the follow up books that are slipping my mind at the moment). It is a curious thing, I wonder the personalities drawn to her stories.
That's a nice insight into your zine too.