Thursday, October 25, 2007


Since I started Lulu with you, it seems only right to wrap it up here too. Well, that narrator (named Mia) who was the frustrated artist, she hangs up that hat - she quits art. Like I said here before, she suspects that she has no Talent.

So she decides to write the book and it’s all such an easy transition.

Hanging up your hat – the “disappearance” – we’ve been sorting that out here, we can believe it. There’s so much keeping us from making art, let alone the Art Career.

The biggest veracity comes in the one or two moments when Mia feels complete envy - bordering on sorrow, to see her new friend Lulu gain a flush of emerging-artist-fame. Lulu was a Wall Streeter who takes a brush to canvas and well, the rest is history. She’s So Talented.

That’s around the time the narrator suspects that she is not.

But this is also where the book is, au contraire to what Gagosian says, absolutely nothing like the real art world. For is Talent all it takes to make it as an artist in New York? I am not sure it is even the main ingredient.

I wanted to shake this Mia and say to her Good God, woman, wake up and kick some ass. Who cares about your lack of talent? It’s about hard work, work and then more work. I can’t think of many artists, 25 years into their career, who wake up with the tools in their hands, all “inspired” and oozing with “Talent.” No, I think a lot of it is more like ok…to the studio… after my 6th cup of coffee….

(PS... oh but the story ends on a happy note because she gets the guy in the end...)


prettylady said...

Blech. That sounds like a dreadful book--perpetuating the Myths that keep genuine artists and shadow artists quiescent and full of biddable despair.

The more experienced I become, the more I think that Talent exists, but that it is about 1% of the necessary ingredients for success. The rest is discipline, willingness to be honest with oneself, patience, hard work and a good attitude; also, picking one's friends wisely. The wrong friends can destroy a person, the right friends can save you.

Quitting is simply not an option.

Eva said...

You are right about picking friends wisely. But maybe that takes a certain Talent! I am definitely still learning.