Thursday, November 1, 2007

do it yourself

How nice it was to see that picture of a Lovelake window in Carolyn Zick’s site. I learned so much in that green room and met so many great people there.

Since the learning curve was vertical, it’s not like it was all easy times. But I when I saw that particular image posted on Carolyn’s site – of the very first show - those times were not what I recalled.

(exhibtion: Randy Moe)

It’s about expectation vs. outcome. I had so little. Lovelake was a bridge out of the dark ages, when I made work but thought just making it might be enough. It isn’t.

Even in the making of this small green room, I faced so much questioning and opposition. People hated the name or the building or the color green. No wonder so many people don’t do things! I mean that seriously.

(exhibition: Darren Orange)

But then it all melted away within 3 hours, the night I opened. People liked. People even bought. The best thing was the ongoing conversation about art that it brought me.

Maybe what I cherish most is the bridge itself, what that means, which sort of goes back to the theme of Carolyn’s writing. Nothing beats coming out of nowhere, when no one even knows your name or cares. When you surprise others, what you really do is surprise yourself.

(exhibition: Cecilia Hallinan)

Those dark ages were the closest thing I had to a midlife crisis and it coincided with the advent of 9/11. The whole country went through this erratic reshuffling of the cards and so I placed a small, seemingly insignificant bet. I will always remember Tom Cramer telling me: “Change your life? Change your mind.”

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Carolyn said...

That is exactly what I was trying to get at. Love those photos.